Zach Gawlik

Zach Gawlik

I am a software engineer who likes to make applications that are enjoyable to use and that streamline complicated processes. Lately I've been focusing on front end web development with React, but I enjoy learning new tools and technologies across the full stack. I'm particularly interested in learning more about developing Progressive Web Apps, working with JavaScript static type checkers, and contributing back to the open source community.

I recently graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics. During that time, I completed three 6-month long co-ops, with the most recent taking place at HubSpot. Outside of coding, I like to play board games, and I am getting acquainted with my new sewing machine.

Selected projects

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Uses Node, Express, MySQL

Uses React, Redux, React Router, Normalizr, Webpack

For an open-ended class project, I wanted to suggest an answer to a question that consumes every student's attention at the end of the semester: "What can I do to spend my entire printing allowance?" I built this public full-stack web app to collect activism flyers intended for crowd-sourced distribution by college students.

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Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go!

Uses Swift

Gotta Go lets you schedule messages that will be texted to you later to help you get out of an awkward real-life situation. While working at Yeti, I pushed the project from being a proof of concept to becoming a fully polished app ready for initial release. I built the flow for creating your own excuses, and I refined the UX to ensure using the app would be an enjoyable experience.

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Gotta Go! demo


Uses Backbone with local storage

I created Notedash with a focus on making it as fast as possible to add a new note, to tag it, and to search existing notes. I was frustrated by how other note apps required so many button clicks for core actions, so I created my own.

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Notedash screenshot


Uses Python 3, Twitter API

Command-line program for rapidly reviewing and pruning your past tweets. This project was my first time working with social media APIs and OAuth.


Birdbath demo

Pomodoro Color

Uses jQuery

Minimalist pomodoro timer inspired by "What Colour Is It?" I made this because I wanted to use a pomodoro timer that was visually appealing but not distracting.

Demo Source

Pomodoro Color screenshot


Say hello! The best way to contact me is by email. You can also find me on LinkedIn, or check out my GitHub for more of my projects.