Zach Gawlik

Zach Gawlik


I’m a frontend engineer who enjoys building complex web applications that provide a great user experience. I also enjoy improving the developer experience by creating new tools or using existing ones to streamline development, creating the right abstractions or ripping out wrong ones, and improving validation and deployment infrastructure to ensure quick and confident delivery of new code.

Recently I’ve been inspired by the various applications of parsing JavaScript into abstract syntax trees. This has led me to create a jscodeshift codemod or two, to improve async/await formatting in Prettier, and to build an internal component library documentation site at work with MDX.

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Bluecore in New York City. Outside of coding, I am getting back into learning basic Spanish and am attempting to keep my new plants alive.

Personal open-source projects

Webpack Stats Diff Plugin

Webpack plugin to report bundle size changes relative to the prior build or earlier recorded builds. Provides clear feedback on the impact of webpack configuration changes, empowering developers to find the most optimized settings.

Example output after running a production webpack build with webpack-stats-diff-plugin. The output reports the size of compiled files that have been added or removed, the size differences of files that have changed, and the total before & after size of the full build

VS Code Convert Object to JSX

VS Code extension to convert between JavaScript object and JSX prop formats upon pressing a keyboard shortcut. Saves developer time when switching formats, like when creating default props to use in a component test.

Animated demonstration moving default props in and out of a test helper and using the extension to switch between JSX props syntax and Object entries syntax

Light me up

Draw on-screen to make it appear on a connected Raspberry Pi with LED matrix. Responsive vanilla JavaScript frontend and Node.js backend using Socket.IO for syncing across active users and the Raspberry Pi.


Check out my other open-source work on GitHub , read about what I've learned and what I've done on my recently-revived blog, and view my Resume.